I Really Miss College

“I Really Miss College”

What do you get when you cross 100 eager college a cappella group alumni, a 35th reunion show, and a 4-hour indoor rehearsal?


But we were all in agreement. #WorthIt.

Lying around with Covid after one of the best reunion weekends of my life, I had enough time to wistfully think back on my good old college days. That, coupled with the fact that my child had just left for their own college experience months earlier, and that I had hit a pandemic wall, not to mention midlife doldrums closing in for so many of my friends and I… I finally realized what I really wanted for my Second Act: My First Act. Like back.

So short of moving in with my kid, I hit the piano and starting writing this a cappella song, “I Really Miss College.”

I hope you like it and can relate, whether you’ve been out of school for 5 years or 50.

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-pO8X9gBSo

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