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  1. Hi Katie, I love your work, do you ever offer workshops via Skype- I am looking for one since I am in a remote part of eastern Canada. I am a writer and want to expand into comedy writing for a one woman show.


    • Hi Sophie! Thanks for writing. I don’t do full workshops via skype (too hard with a room full of people) but I do coaching on skype. I can do both comedy writing coaching as well as directorial help. I have directed over 90 plays in my career and produced over 30 one-woman shows, several of which I directed. And I also have created my own, of course. So I would love to help you. When I direct, my fee is usually a minimum of $4,000 for a whole process from start to finish, but for coaching or long-distance help to shape your show I charge $100-200/hour depending on what is needed, or we can come up with something that is a flat fee for whatever part of the process you like. As an example, I have worked with some people where we work for an hour or so at the beginning, then again in the middle when they were stuck, and then at the end for editing and directing. It was probably only 5 hours and $500. Why don’t you think about what your budget is and we’ll figure our something together that works for you and is in your budget. Please feel free to call me on my cell: 406-580-8586. I’m excited to hear what you’re working on!

      – Katie


  2. Ha! Thanks Nadia! We have some new ones coming out soon! And a new blog today. If you send your email to I’ll keep you on our list for free things and notifications of when we’re coming to the UK. I’ll be in Edinburgh next summer. Thanks! – Katie


  3. Hi Katie,
    I’ve watched your videos from London, UK and loved them all!!!!
    Keep up the good work and please, please…Don’t you dare to fuck it up!!!
    Love, Nadia


  4. elaine marchant

    Katie – yoi are the best !!! i always look forward to watching your performances. i have passed many of your videos on to my f/b frriends. my favorite is “i didn’t **** it up” ! looking forward to more…



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