“Katie Goodman brought down the house … Brilliant!” Comedy Central

“On par not just with any woman in modern comedy, not just with any music act in modern comedy but, categorically on par with anyone working the current comedy scene… Impressive. …Magnificent.” -Dylan Brody, Punchline Magazine

“Katie Goodman pretty much defies all reasonable expectations.” –The Edinburgh Scotsman

“Incredible talent! An amazing artist.” –Paul Provenza, The Green Room With Paul Provenza, on Showtime

“Hilarious!” Boston Herald

“If this irreverent, giddy, snarky, perky collage of satire, sketch comedy, and cheerleading doesn’t make you laugh, then either you are incapable of laughter or you are Dick Cheney. Or, of course, both.” –The Boston Globe

“Exuberant! Smart writing and skillfully executed showmanship. Katie Goodman is a multi-talented, femme-extraordinaire!” –Los Angeles Examiner

Nominated for an EPIC Emerging Artists Award from The White House Project, for changing the perceptions of women in the culture

“Fierce, female, fabulous and funny!” –Eve Ensler

“Bottom line: Katie is funny!” –Wayne Brady

“Move over, Jon Stewart!  I haven’t laughed this hard since I was a teenager reading dirty books.  Encore, please!” –Lynn Sherr , ABC’s 20-20

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