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Sorry Babe, You’re A Feminist

I literally shrieked “GAH!!!” out loud in a Brooklyn coffee shop.

I was reading the most recent interview with the actress du jour quoted saying, No, she wasn’t a feminist. She was sitting there being interviewed, with no ironic intent whatsoever, wanting her voice to be heard and taken seriously during her interview, just so she could be heard to say she wasn’t a feminist?!

Luckily it’s New York, so when I shrieked, of course no one even noticed.

And thus was born my newest song, “Sorry Babe, You’re A Feminist.”

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KATHY NAJIMY Interview on Katie Goodman’s “Un-F It Up” Podcast

Kathy Najimy joins me for an honest, funny, and sassy conversation about feminism, activism, gay rights, animal rights, and how to keep up the fight and have a life at the same time. You’ll recognize Kathy from 25 films, including Sister Act, over 37 TV appearances, and from the infamous “Kathy & Mo Show” that basically created feminist sketch comedy. She was awarded MS. Magazine Woman of The Year, and is a comedic, feminist tour de force.

Kathy Najimy

Kathy Najimy


When you go to this link, lick on Kathy’s episode by clicking on “View In Itunes” and while there, you can subscribe to get the podcasts for free.

See more at http://www.kathynajimy.com.