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“Abortion Road Trip!”

Soren and I teamed up, for the very first time,

with NARAL Pro-Choice America!

So, we got in a car and…

…and 512 miles later we bring you a look at the sneaky and under-handed legislation that Conservatives have enacted to make it harder for women to make decisions for themselves regarding safe and legal abortions. Check it out:


Think things through 2


“Pro-Choicenima?” (Wait that looks like enima…we meant cinema.)


“Re-Production?” (Oh jeez, these are terrible. Sorry.)

“This video perfectly illustrates that TRAP laws have nothing to do with improving women’s health and everything to do with making it more difficult for a woman to get an abortion,” said Sasha Bruce, senior vice president for campaigns and strategy at NARAL Pro-Choice America. “The Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on anti-choice TRAP laws will determine not only whether our right to safe and legal abortion is affirmed, but whether it is to remain accessible. This access shouldn’t depend on a woman’s zip code or what state she lives in, and that’s why we’re fighting back against these TRAP regulations.”

We teamed up with NARAL  to make this video because we think people need to know the sneaky and underhanded ways that anti-choice lawmakers have tried to limit women’s right to make decisions for themselves when it comes to abortion.

“This video really shows the burdens that restrictive TRAP laws place on women trying to control their reproductive lives,” said Soren Kisiel. “Our 512-mile trip required an entire day of driving put us out $75 for gas alone, not including food. And women who face mandatory waiting periods would have to turn around and do it all again several days later—all just to access basic medical care. For women who might not be able to afford a day off or don’t have access to a car, these hurdles might mean they can’t make it to a clinic to get the reproductive care that is guaranteed to them by the US Constitution.”

If you appreciate this video, please do share it. There are really restrictive laws coming down the pike and we would love your help letting people know what’s happening. Thanks! – Katie

KATHY NAJIMY Interview on Katie Goodman’s “Un-F It Up” Podcast

Kathy Najimy joins me for an honest, funny, and sassy conversation about feminism, activism, gay rights, animal rights, and how to keep up the fight and have a life at the same time. You’ll recognize Kathy from 25 films, including Sister Act, over 37 TV appearances, and from the infamous “Kathy & Mo Show” that basically created feminist sketch comedy. She was awarded MS. Magazine Woman of The Year, and is a comedic, feminist tour de force.

Kathy Najimy

Kathy Najimy


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