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Katie at the Edinburgh Fringe!

Holy shit! What a review from The Observer today! Woohoo!

“New York comic Katie Goodman (Gilded Balloon) has been described as a female Tim Minchin. I was extremely sceptical, but it turns out the praise could not be more apt. Goodman is a multi-talented singer and musician with a sharp line in political satire and a voice than can send goosebumps up your spine or make the light fittings rattle. Ripping through songs in a variety of styles, from rap through country to Italian opera, she skewers religion, homophobia, Milfs, the Tea Party and her own midlife crisis with a merciless eye and a filthy mouth. There are plenty of musical comics out there, but few who base lyrics on a study of repressed homosexuality in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology or do a dance incorporating Kegel exercises. Goodman has a cult following in the US and on YouTube, and this, her first solo show, is sure to win her a fanbase here.”


Well we’re off and running and having a great time. To let people know about the show, go here:


Katie Going To The Edinburgh Fringe in a week! Please help!

Hey guys! So many of you have asked if you could still help donate to my Edinburgh Fringe Festival Indiegogo campaign, that we set up another one as a followup to keep the campaign going! Thank you so much for asking and we just need another $3,000 for marketing and publicity to help this show stand out above the incredible noise of promotion of 2,871 shows going on all at the same time! (Yes 2,871 different shows! That is NOT a typo!) Even $10 helps and you get a free digital cd download!! Being a part of this campaign means you get an inside look at the fringe, interviews with comedians I meet, and backstage photos and the scoop! Plus you can get great prizes like YOU in a cameo in a Broad Comedy show or webisode, or other cool unique stuff! Thanks for helping get liberal, women comedian’s voices out there! xo Katie


This is a pic of the Gilded Balloon – my theatre! Awesome, right?!?

Gilded  Baloon