What Is Success?

Yesterday The Huffington Post put up our song, “I Didn’t Fuck It Up.”


And last week we launched our new activism site, www.UnFuckitup.com where you can go and post what you are doing to UnFuck things up and make a better world. We will be awarding one person a month with the UnFucker of the Month Award. And so far the nominations have been pretty inspiring. Please feel free to post your UnFucking it up activities!

But here’s my question to you this week:

What is your definition of success?

How do you define a successful life?

 It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately as we’ve had quite a bit of success on Youtube and other places. Many of my friends are making big decisions right now (new jobs, moving, having more kids) and we have been discussing what makes a life successful. Please weigh in and I’ll write more about it next week with your thoughts in the mix.

5 responses to “What Is Success?

  1. Success:
    What is it? Well in 1532 Success became a word. So that is really all it is… a word. Success is a word with a lot of different types of baggage and attachments about what it is or isn’t. Is it real? Hmmmm. I would say no. Because what works for me, doesn’t work for you. So success doesn’t seem to exist beyond the interior personal realm. At this moment my two children have been chasing and pushing each other around the house. So far both still have their eyeballs intact. Today, now, that is success enough. 🙂


  2. Hey Katie –

    Would love to spread the UNFUCKITUP love at Strawberry Music Festival next week. We have a bunch of old friends that gather at the festival, hang out late and play music. It’s family affair, but one that would be great for an UNFUCKITUP sing along.

    Any chance you could shoot me the lyrics? I got that chord progression figured out from the Youtube video.

    Love it. You’re great.


  3. Brent Swanson

    I think the best success a person can attain is to successfully find and maintain one’s focus on whatever a person’s passion in life is. Missteps and mistakes might still be made, but the effects would not leave to irrecoverable loss, and might even be instructional.

    One of the most successful people I’ve known was a family friend named Esten Fox who was a master at faceting gemstones (or even pieces of bottles) and creating jewelry. He could also weave baskets out of ponderosa pine needles. He could draw and paint too. He was far from being a perfect man. He lived the life many of us kids wanted to live when we didn’t grow up: no steady job, fishing and camping at will, seldom visiting the dentist…. And he never had the ambition to create what could be identified as a “signature line,” that is, jewelry that could be recognized as a “Fox creation.” But he always created excellent artwork. His skills matured with him but not away from him as he aged. Apart from the inevitable family tragedy or two, he enjoyed a life that was prosperous in happiness and productivity, with enough money to get by. He achieved a degree of focus to know who he was and what he could do well enough to bring joy to himself and others. I think that’s as much success as you can ask for.


  4. Katie! When can we expect to see you appear here in Madison, so appropriate. Recounts, recalls, budget bills and on and on and on!!!


  5. My definition of success?

    Following my heart and knowing I am enough. There is nothing I have to “be” to be a success other than who I am. I’ve always said I want to live my dream.. do my dream job…now my job is sharing who I am ( shit and all) and being able to do that and touch just one person..yeah I feel successful from that.


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