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Coming From Behind (um, not what you think I mean)

See enough of these images and you'll really think you can do anything!

See enough of these images and you’ll really think you can do anything!

Okay get your head out of the gutter. Join me and feminist Fordham Law professor CLARE HUNTINGTON as we talk about Implicit Bias. If you don’t know what that really means, you will and you’ll be asked back to spiffy intellectual Brooklyn cocktail parties if you throw the term around more. Join us as we talk about what baggage women and minorities “start the race” with and how we can unfuck things up.




UnF*cking It Up With John Fugelsang

Here is my interview with comedian, actor, CNN commentator and soon to be Current TV host, John Fugelsang, talks with me about Obama, comedy, religion, performing for the troops, right wingers, improv, hecklers, how being a new parent will inform his comedy, and why Jesus is the Liberal poster child. Posted on Huffington Post:


To hear the podcast interview recording, go here: