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Maybe This Will Give You Some Hope

Hey guys. Here’s our brand new song! It’s possibly my favorite ever even though it’s not hard comedy. It’s bitter sweet. Soren and I wrote this just days after the election. It’s a true story and it makes me tear up every time I play it. Hope you enjoy it. #Aliens #SigourneyWeaver #Feminist#Election2016 #ImStillWithHer 

“Move Some Shit Around”


screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-4-30-09-pmMove Some Sh*t Around

Hold onto Your Hitler…

Oooo boy guys. Here’s what you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for!! Dedicated to a certain presidential candidate and his use of hate for political gain. Our brand new video! #DumpTrump #NeverTrump Share If You Dare!!

“Nazis Get All The P*ssy”:

New Video!.png

Click Here To Watch The Video!