Why Your 50s Rule And How To Make Yourself Believe That

“I’m sitting here watching the Olympics with a bottle of Advil in one hand and a fairly decent wine in the other, as they talk about how distressingly old the 35-year-old athlete is and what a marvel it is that she can still stand without, you know, her knees breaking or her hair falling out mid-performance, and my snarl is so apparent that my husband asks me what’s wrong.

So I thought it would be a good time to list all the reasons that being in one’s 50s is so freakin’ amazing… lest I forget and this snarl becomes permanent like a facelift gone wrong…”

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Hey Jeff, we made you something…

And I thought I felt guilty about spending money on monthly pedicures…

Here’s a fun fact: Jeff Bezos literally could have fully funded COVAX, paying for 2 billion vaccines for people in low-income countries, instead of taking a joy ride for the time it takes to boil an egg. Or he could have paid to keep 37.5 billion people from starving this year. (To death… did I mention to death? I’m pretty sure starving means you die.)

I won’t give you a massive list of what he could have done with that money… (But these guys did: https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/jeff-bezos-space-flight-money-better-uses/) But you know. Let’s just say this year in particular there were a few things. And also: he could still DO them.

So, to help, we’ve added a special box to our website, GuiltMoney.org this week, just for Jeff. Go ahead Jeff, click and appease your guilt! (Oh wait, just one problem there…)

Guiltmoney.org is a humorous aggregator of places to donate your money to appease your guilt. With an abundance of #FirstWorldProblems, Katie has spent her life feeling philanthropically inadequate. Where do you start?? When do you stop?? There’s never enough you can do and never enough guilt you can feel for living a good life while others are suffering.